Wide pores, skin textures &-tone


Wide pores, skin textures &-tone

Wide pores

Wide pores are a texture abnormality of the skin and they are the consequence of an accumulation of sebum in oily or acne prone skin. Also sun damaged skin has an irregular texture with wide pores.

An ideal complexion is blemish and blackhead free with even pores.

Skin texture

A skin with a good texture feels smooth and soft. Uneven skin texture is caused by sun exposure, smoking, skin dryness and an accumulation of dead skin cell on the skin’s surface.

Skin with uneven texture feels rough and bumpy, has wide pores, dry patches and the skin has a dull appearance. Skin texture can easily be corrected with proper skin care and many dermatologic treatments can be used to improve skin texture & skin tone to get a picture perfect skin.

Skin tone

Your basic skin color is determined by your ‘phototype’ which is genetical, and will define how your skin will react to sun exposure.
When dermatologist talk about skin tone (or skin complexion) they refer to the pigment
evenness of the skin. Factors that contribute to uneven skin tone are: sun exposure, hormonal factors, use of certain cosmetics, smoking, acne or post acne pigmentation.

Facial redness, flushing (in rosacea, sensitive or reactive skin) and post acne redness also contribute to uneven skin tone.

Sun protection, appropriate skin care, healthy live style and several treatments can help to even skin tone and -texture for the purpose of having a natural beautiful & flawless skin.

Possible solutions

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