Facial contour & volume loss


Facial contour & volume loss

Loss of facial contours and volumes is an important factor of ageing facial skin. 

When assessing the signs of facial ageing, the face is divided in three parts: the upper, mid and lower face

The midface is the area first affected with signs of aging that are related to bone loss, decrease in subcutaneous fat volume and downwards movement of the fat pads. The results are hollowing and flattening of the cheeks, formation grooves and hollowness in the area under the eyes and cheeks leading to a tired and sadappearance. 

In the upper face the signs of ageing are hollowing of the temples with loss of support for eyebrows and upper eyelids, accentuating tiredness even more.

In the lower face and neck the loss of volume, weakening of skin ligaments and loss of skin thickness and elasticity leads to excess skin and loss of definition in the jawline and chin with formation of jowls and laxity of neck skin, installing a saggy appearance. The loss of support in the lower face leads to a drop of the mouth corners and development of marionette lines, increasing the tiredness and sadness of the face.

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