5 steps Aquafacial

Involves use of Aquafacial & LED with various Skinceuticals® professional cosmetic products for cleansing, exfoliation, serum & mask application,

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5 steps Aquafacial

Our very popular “5 steps 3 devices” is a very gentle and relaxing ‘All In Facial treatment’ combining the use of various cosmetic products for deep facial cleansing, anti-ageing and skin brightening in combination with 3 different devices, to enhance and maximise the rejuvenating effect as well as the pampering effect. 

The steps involved are:

Step 1 Deep cleansing with chemical peeling

Step 2 Aquafacial device

Step 3 Serum with active ingredients (anti-ageing, brightening,..)

Step 4 LDM ultrasound and/or Laser for anti-ageing treatment or redness reduction (acne)

Step 5 Mask and /or LED

The treatment takes approximately 60 min.