DermaV photofacial

Using DermaV laser for skin rejuvenation and for treatment of vascular and pigmented spots on face, décolletage and hands.

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DermaV photofacial

What is a Photofacial?

A photofacial is a facial skin treatment using ‘photons’ (= light particles) from a laser (e.g. DermaV) or from a pulsed light (IPL) device.

What is a DermaV photofacial used for?

Skin problems that can be improved with a photofacial are pigmentation, sun damaged skin and age spots, rosacea, facial redness, and overall improvement of skin complexion in face, neck, decollete or hands.

Is the DermaV Photofacial treatment painful?

The procedure itself can be slightly uncomfortable, with a mild stinging or burning sensation. Cold application before or after are sufficient to ease any discomfort.

How do I look after the treatment?

There is generally limited downtime with slight redness for few hours and swelling. Depending on settings used the swelling may take 3 ups to 5 days to disappear. When treating pigmentation, you may get dark superficial crusts after the treatment, which will heal within a few days. 

When do I see the results?

Results are seen 4-6 weeks after the treatment. A noticeable improvement can occur after one session but, depending on the severity of the skin problem to be addressed,  repeated sessions are recommended to achieve optimal result, on average 3 treatments with minimum 4 weeks interval.

Good to know before a DermaV Photofacial.

It is important that the skin is not tanned before the treatments. After an intense sun exposure (holiday), we should wait minimum 4 weeks before having this treatment. After the treatment sun exposure needs to be avoided for 4 weeks. Therefore we prefer to avoid this laser treatment during spring and summer. 
This treatment is indicated for light skin type (phototypes 1-4), for darker phototypes we use alternative methods.