Tailor-made skin care

By selecting active ingredients and combining them in formulas that meet the personal needs of your skin, tailor made skin care programs are created for various skin conditions and for daily care.

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Tailor-made skin care

When it comes to skincare and skin health, many people don’t know what they need, and choose a product based on the smell, the packaging, the price or an advertisement, ending up with inappropriate skincare.

Proper skincare works, especially when you apply the right ingredients at the right concentration.

We use different serums with active ingredients that are integrated in our treatments for their synergic effect.

Skinceuticals® serums provide very effective anti-oxidants, for protection of skin cells form oxidative stress (caused by sun exposure, smoking, pollution..)

Universkin® is an unique skin care concept, that allows us to make tailor made skincare products.

Based on thorough skin analysis and proper diagnosis, we create ideal formulas, tailored to suit your specific skin needs. 
We compose personalised serums by combining 19 different active ingredients. The serums contain 1 up to 3 active ingredients for daily care, skin ageing prevention or to address skin problems such as acne, rosacea, eczema and pigmentation.