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Medical Solutions

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Top solutions

Our Medical Solutions

digital mapping naevi
Dermoscopy & digital mapping
Examination of skin lesions with a dermatoscope & digital mapping of moles for follow up.
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Medical team preparing equipment for surgery
Use of various surgical procedures and minimally invasive techniques to treat or remove skin lesions.
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cosmetologist makes a cryomassage of the face to the patient – a cosmetological procedure of exposure to the skin with liquefied nitrogen using a cryodestructor apparatus
Removing superficial skin lesions by using liquid nitrogen
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Woman receiving underarm treatment against hyperhidrosis, closeup
Intralesional injections
Intralesional injection is the direct injection of a therapeutic substance into a lesion or into the...
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Removal of varicose veins on the legs. Medical inspection and treatment of Telangiectasia. Phlebeurysm
Injection of chemical solution (Ethoxysclerol) directly into spider veins to destroy them
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Young man receiving injection, close up
PRP Therapy
Use of own blood plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma) for treatment of hair loss, scar reduction or skin boosting...
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dermatologist using vascular laser to treat spider veins in face
Vascular Lasers
Lasers that selectively targets blood vessels in the skin, for treatment of rosacea, spider angioma,...
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Pigment lasers
Lasers for treatment of pigment lesions (age spots, melasma and other benign lesions
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Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 09.15
Laser surgery & Genius MRF
Use of ablative CO2 laser or MRF-device for removal of benign skin lesions, scar treatment,...
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Beautician in a beauty salon puts a protective mask on the client's face
Chemical Peel & TCA cross
Use of chemical solutions (TCA and other) to destroy and peel of a number of skin layers and for chemical...
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LED Therapy
Use of LED device for Low Level Light Therapy for accelerated wound healing, pain relief, treatment of...
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PDT PhotoDynamic Therapy
Use of light sensitive medicine (Metvix) and red LED or daylight for treatment for actinic keratosis,...
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