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Everybody deserves to have a healthy and beautiful skin

Top solutions

Top solutions

Our Laser Solutions


Visia skin analysis & Vectra 3D imaging

We work with Visia & Vectra to determine the needs of your skin and to develop a tailored and targeted treatment program for your specific needs.

DermaV photofacial
Using DermaV laser for skin rejuvenation and for treatment of vascular and pigmented spots on face, décolletage...
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Model Portrait
Hollywood carbon laser peel
Gentle skin exfoliation using laser and carbon lotion for soft skin rejuvenation, improves skin glow...
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LaseMD Ultra Babyface Laser
Synergy between laser and active ingredients for melasma, acne, skin texture, skin tone and anti-ageing...
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Genius MRF
Microneedling Radiofrequency treatment to stimulates collagen in deep dermal layers, perfect for skin...
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Total Skin solution
Complete skin treatment by combining Genius MRF and LaseMD Ultra laser to rejuvenate both dermis and...
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What does it mean being macho. Bristle and facial hair. Natural beauty. Man attractive well groomed facial hair. Barbershop concept. Grizzle hair. Barber hairdresser
Soft laser rejuvenation
Gentle laser procedures for rejuvenation and improving skin tone and texture in multiple sessions
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Portrait Of A Mature Man Smiling
Fractional CO2 resurfacing
Fractional resurfacing laser for skin rejuvenation, improving wrinkles, skin texture, skin tone and acne...
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Studio shot of an attractive young woman posing against a grey background
Hair bleaching
Laser hair bleaching is an alternative for laser hair removal, especially useful for facial hairs or...
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Beauty Care
Hair removal
CLARITY II Laser hair removal is the most effective treatment to permanently remove unwanted hairs.
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Matching Tattoos
Tattoo removal
A tattoo can be removed with a Q-Switched laser. The number of sessions needed depends on the type of...
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Hands of a woman with age spots
Pigment laser
Laser selectively targets melanine (skin pigment) for treatment of age spots, melasma and other benign...
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doctor shows  the dilation of small blood vessels of the skin on the leg. Medical inspection and treatment of Telangiectasia. Phlebeurysm
Vascular laser
Laser that selectively targets blood vessels in the skin, for treatment of redness, cherry angioma, spider...
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Z-Lipo - fat reduction
Cryolipolysis is using cold (-11 °C) to destroy fat cells. It is a non-invasive treatment ideal to destroy...
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Z-Wave - cellulite reduction
Non-invasive treatment for cellulitis, skin tightening and to maximise effect of cryolipolysis
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Z-Field - muscle shaping
Innovative & non-invasive muscle enhancing, body shaping and fat reducing technique,
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