Liquid facelift

Using multiple dermal filler injections in several facial areas to lift skin of face and neck, restore lost volumes and facial contours. Combined with Genius for pronounced lifting effect

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Liquid facelift

Liquid facelift is a concept that uses multiple injections of fillers to achieve a non-surgical lift of the face, as opposed to the more invasive surgical facelift. This treatment is recommended for patients who want to avoid the risks of surgery and desire a more progressive makeover.

The face is considered as a whole, and different zones will be injected to achieve a volumising, lifting, corrective and rejuvenating effect. We treat the cause of the problem (volume loss) rather than the consequence (wrinkles).

More and more people are realising that rejuvenating and beautifying a face is more than just filling in a few lines and wrinkles, or rejuvenating the lips. It is certainly useful to address these issues, but without correcting volume loss and reducing skin sagging associated with facial ageing, the rejuvenating and beautifying effects remain limited.

The liquid facelift treatment involves several steps:

Step 1 is to assess the signs of ageing and identify trigger points.

Step 2 involves developing a customised treatment plan to address the different problem areas and finalising an overall strategy, including the number of syringes and sessions needed to achieve the goal.

Step 3 is to evaluate the strategy according to the patient’s wishes and budget and adjust the treatment plan if necessary.

The treatment includes:

  • Restoring the volume of the cheeks and lifting the cheeks
  • Restoring and redefining the jawline and chin
  • Filling the hollows at the level of the temples and lifting the eyebrows
  • Improve the eye contour and tear trough
  • Lift the corners of the mouth and beautify the lips
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

For a more pronounced and long-lasting lifting effect of the face and neck, we recommend combining the Liquid facelift with the TotalSkin Solution. This treatment can be started before or parallel to a Liquid facelift procedure.

A surgical facelift has a more radical effect, but also involves more risks. The benefits and effects of the Liquid facelift approach – especially when combined with TotalSkin Solution – provide significant skin tightening by increasing dermal skin volume, and improve skin quality, age spots, skin tone and texture by also treating the epidermis.