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Use of various surgical procedures and minimally invasive techniques to treat or remove skin lesions.


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Removing superficial skin lesions by using liquid nitrogen

Intralesional injections

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Intralesional injection is the direct injection of a therapeutic substance into a lesion or into the skin


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Injection of chemical solution (Ethoxysclerol) directly into spider veins to destroy them

PRP Therapy

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Use of own blood plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma) for treatment of hair loss, scar reduction or skin boosting (post laser, skin texture & tone improvement)

Vascular Lasers

dermatologist using vascular laser to treat spider veins in face

Lasers that selectively targets blood vessels in the skin, for treatment of rosacea, spider angioma, cherry angioma, PWS, leg veins, etc.

Pigment lasers

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Lasers for treatment of pigment lesions (age spots, melasma and other benign lesions

Chemical Peel & TCA cross

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Use of chemical solutions (TCA and other) to destroy and peel of a number of skin layers and for chemical reconstruction of scars.