Genius MRF

Microneedling Radiofrequency treatment to stimulates collagen in deep dermal layers, perfect for skin tightening face, neck and body and for acne scars.

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Genius MRF

The Genius MRF (Microneedling Radiofrequency) treatment is a high tech device for skin tightening and acne scars treatment.

What is the Genius MRF?

Genius is not a laser, but a high-intensity, targeted and fractionated radiofrequency treatment, which delivers precise energy in the deeper skin layers through insulated microneedles, leading to a substantial thermal effect in the selected depths.
The thermal effect that is built up in the dermis will lead to a pronounced stimulation of collagen synthesis and skin tightening. It is also used to destroy sweat glands in armpits in cases of excessive sweating

The big advantage of this technique is that it is safe regardless of skin type or skin color, and that it can be performed all year, contrary to most laser treatments.

What is the Genius used for?

The Genius is used for skin tightening in face, neck and in body areas like arms, knees or abdomen. 

Medical indication of the Genius are:

  • Acne scars and other scars (especially atrophic scars)
  • Stretch marks
  • Axillar Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in armpits). 

Is the Genius treatment painful?

The Genius treatment is painful and requires pain management with painkillers and local anaesthesia (topical numbing cream applied minimum 1 hour before or injections). We also use cold air during treatment here to maximise patient comfort.

How do I look after the treatment?

After the treatment the skin will be red and swollen for 2-3 days. In rare cases some redness, tiny crusts and pinpoint markings can persist up to a few weeks. Another side effect is the occurrence of a mild acne flare up, especially in acne prone skin. It occurs in days following this procedure and can be avoided with appropriate preventive treatment. 
It is important to avoid sun exposure during the healing phase (usually 3 to 7 days)

When do I see the results?

Depending on the severity of the skin laxity or acne scars and of the age of the patient, repeated sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results.
A noticeable improvement can occur after one session, but we usually see the best results after 3 sessions. Even though the minimum interval between the sessions is 4 weeks, we recommend to repeat the treatment after 3 months.

What is the ideal combined treatment?

The Genius can be combined in the same session with the LaseMD Ultra, to have a skin tightening effect in deeper dermis next to the more superficial skin tone and texture improvement of the LaseMD Ultra. This is the so called Totalskin Solution, to ‘tighten and brighten’.
In cases of more pronounced skin laxity we also recommend filler injections following a Genius treatment, to have a synergic effect on collagen stimulation or to have additional lifting effect and maximise outcomes.