Z-Lipo – fat reduction

Cryolipolysis is using cold (-11 °C) to destroy fat cells. It is a non-invasive treatment ideal to destroy fat deposits in defined limited size areas.

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Z-Lipo – fat reduction

The Cryolipolysis – Z-Lipo system is a non-invasive technique to reduce localized fat deposits permanently. The fat deposits are cooled for a long period (1 hour) to reach temperature ranges leading to apoptosis (cell death) of the fat cells. The complete breakdown and removal of fat cells occurs the natural way through the lymphatic system, and takes about 10–12 weeks. Since the skin is protected with a fleece and the surrounding tissue does not respond to the cold treatment in the same way as fatty tissue, the treatment is considered safe, gentle and non-invasive. 

Z-Lipo applicators come in different sizes to match the size of the desired treatment area and there is a small applicator for submental fat. The ability to use pulsating suction at the beginning and at the end of the treatment increases the efficacity as it stimulates the lymphatic drainage and metabolism.

Z-Lipo is ideal to target localised fat deposits: belly, buttocks, hips, love handles, upper back, arms, legs, knees and double chin (sub-mental fat).

Good results generally require between 1 or 3 sessions, but effects become visible after 2-3 months.

Z-Lipo & Z-Wave : the cool combination

By combining Z-Lipo and Z-Wave Pro (Cryolipolysis and shockwave) we offer the perfect combination treatment for significantly better fat reduction. Studies have shown that intensive, pain-free shockwave treatment after Cryolipolysis not only ensures better fat loss, but also stimulates lymphatic drainage and tightens the skin.

Z-Lipo & Z-Wave & Z-Field: the coolest combination

Even more effective fat reduction can be obtained by adding Z-field magnetic muscle stimulation to the combination of Z-Lipo & Z-Wave. Electromagnetic fields can penetrate cells and tissues, activate the electrochemistry of tissues and improve the function of cells and cell membranes. The magnetic field consequently stimulates nerve cells, muscles and blood vessels. A treatment can generate thousands of muscle contractions through electromagnetic pulses.

This combined treatment is useful to increase the bloodflow and to drain the area treated with cryolipolysis, it also stimulates the muscular activity, hence the metabolism, and helps to generate more toned muscles in the treated area, contributing to improvement of the body silhouet.

Encurve – fat reduction using heat

Alternative to cryolipolysis this non-surgical body contouring technique uses Radiofrequency waves to selectively destroy fat cells with heat. 

Encurve uses specific radiofrequency waves (27.12MHz) that will cause massive vibration of fat cells leaving other body cells intact. The generation of this frictional energy leads to apoptosis (cell death) of fat cells. The dead fat cells are eliminated through the lymphatic system in the following weeks after the treatment.

Encurve is used for localized fat deposits but has the advantage of a big applicator for larger areas. It is ideal for the treatment of bigger zones like the belly, hips, buttocks and back.

Encurve is a free pain – no contact procedure (the applicator does not touch the skin).

We recommend on average 4-6 sessions at weekly intervals to achieve results.