Injection of chemical solution (Ethoxysclerol) directly into spider veins to destroy them


Is a treatment of spider veins and varicose veins, usually on the legs.

When small leg veins become dilated and more visible, they are named spider- or varicose veins. Small blue or small red veins usually are only a cosmetic problem and can be diminished with sclerotherapy or vascular laser treatments.
If bigger varicose veins are formed and the blood circulation is impaired more symptoms develop, like heavy legs and oedema. Clinical evaluation by a vascular surgeon and ultrasound doppler need to be performed to exclude a possible surgical indication, before starting sclerotherapy or laser treatments.

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a sclerosing solution (Ethoxysclerol) into the veins to make the walls of the veins stick together and seal shut. 
It may take several weeks up to a few months before the treated veins disappear and on average 2-3 sessions are needed to get complete clearing.
After sclerotherapy it is recommended to wear compression stockings for a 1-3 days. There should also be absolute sun or UV avoidance for 8 weeks, to avoid pigmentation of the veins (treatments are preferably done in autumn-winter period).

We like to combine sclerotherapy and vascular laser treatment for treatment of smaller veins. Smaller vessels are more difficult to be injected whereas a laser does not need injection, the laser light is absorbed through the skin by the blood vessel and the heat generated by the laser destroys the vessel. It will also need a 6-8 weeks before the vessel is completely cleared.